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Pastor James Ronald (Ronnie) Dyer and his lovely wife, Judy are from Rockdale, Texas. They have two daughters, Stephanie  and Jennifer who also live in Texas.  Stephanie and her husband, Troy live in China Spring, Texas and Jennifer and her husband, Jay live in Pflugerville, Texas.  Ronnie worked for 11 years at Rockdale State Bank. He began as a teller, received several promotions, eventually becoming Vice-President.  Ronnie resigned his position at the bank  in 1984 to surrender to full-time service in the ministry.  Ronnie was licensed into the Gospel Ministry by his home church,  First Baptist Church in Rockdale, Texas.  He later became the Pastor of Battetown Baptist Church, Cameron, Texas, where he was ordained as Pastor.  Having served there for nine months  Ronnie then  became Pastor of San Gabriel Baptist Church in San Gabriel, Texas in 1985.  Following his service there for seven years he moved to First Baptist Church Elroy, in Del Valle, Texas in 1992 where he and his family served twenty-three years.

Ronnie graduated from Rockdale High School, Rockdale, Texas, in May of 1968.  Ronnie earned an Associates of Arts Degree at  Blinn Junior College, Brenham, Texas and a Bachelor of Arts  Degree in Education at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas.

Ronnie expresses his gratitude for his family and their salvation in the testimony below:

As a husband and father I love my family very much.  My wife, Judy, is very special to me.  I would not be where I am today if it was not for her.  She is truly a pastor’s wife in every way and is a very vital part of my life and ministry for the Lord.  She is actively involved in the church.  Currently she plays the piano in our worship services.  She was instrumental in getting our ladies group together once a month for food and fellowship.  Their ladies group is called “S.W.I.F.T.”  (Surrendered Women in Fellowship Together)  In our past churches she has lead in the church’s  mission’s effort by educating and encouraging the church to give and support our missionaries at home and abroad.   She has taught children’s Sunday School and has taught an adult ladies Sunday School class. Judy has taught outside the home as a pre-school teacher in childcare facilities in Austin and China Spring, Texas.   Judy has a love for the Lord and a heart for worship and music.

I also love my two daughters, Stephanie and Jennifer.  They are truly gifts from God.  They have blessed my life more than I can tell.  They are grown now but they are still very special in my life.

My oldest daughter, Stephanie, and her husband, Troy Petty,  live in China Spring, Texas.  Troy was a “God send.”  I thank the Lord that He brought Troy and Stephanie together.  To their union God has given me and my wife three wonderful grandchildren, Caden (11), Chloe (9) and Connor (7).  What a blessing they are!  I did not know it was possible to love them the way that I do.  Caden, Chloe and Connor have enriched our lives so much.

My youngest daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Jay Carver live in Pflugerville, Texas.  He has been an answer to our prayers.  Jay has a young daughter named Emma (10) and we consider her one of the family.  I now have another granddaughter to love and enjoy.  Jennifer is special to me and I thank the Lord for her.

Most importantly I thank the Lord that Stephanie, Troy, Jennifer, and Jay all know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  I had the privilege of leading my grandson, Caden to the Lord and baptizing him.  I thank the Lord Chloe, my granddaughter received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and  I had the privilege of baptizing her.  Connor has come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior and I was able to baptize him as well.  Not long after Caden was baptized Emma came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior and was baptized by her Daddy.  I’m so thankful that my grandchildren live in Christian homes.  What an answer to prayer for Judy and I knowing that someday we will be able to spend eternity in heaven with our children and grandchildren.

Fredericksburg Baptist Church eagerly welcomed their new Pastor, James Ronald (Ronnie) Dyer on May 21,  2017.



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